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Seit heute ist eine neuer Early-Build bereit zum runterladen von der öffentlichen Beta-Seite (man muss im Maxwellrender-Forum eingeloggt sein). Offenbar wird jetzt OSX auch für GPU unterstützt.... mal schauen.

- Linux supported.
- OSX supported.
- Improved emitter sampling and triangle artifact solved.
- Fixed crash with emitters and instances with motion blur.
- Fixed Stack overflow on high-depth voxelizations.
- Fixed clipmaps issues.
- Improved BVH copy to GPU.
- Fixed emory crash with disabled BSDFs.
- Fixed crash when a coating is on a non active BSDF or when having a material with mixed active and non active BSDFs.
- Fixed Z channel through clipmaps. Normals channel has bad values in areas with no geometry.
- Fixed crash using default material in nogui mode.
- Fixed crash in scenes with no emitters (i.e. sky dome).

- Fixed MXI batch processing is exporting channels when user unchecks the option to export them (in some cases).
- Fixed RGB numeric values displayed under mouse pointer (bottom status bar) have not gamma applied for bit-depth 8 and 16.
- Fixed switching from GPU engine, channels does not work on RS1.
- Software opengl DLL added to Windows installers. needed in some cases for old GPUs or remote desktops to show viewport.
- Fixed HDR sky changed to physical sky if using ortho lens, and emitters not reflecting on other objects.

- Fixed Load of asset referencess for OSX

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