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Standard ShaderMap 3.0.1 Released!

Besitzer von Version 2.x können für $29.95 auf Version 3.0 Upgraden.


There are a number of new features in ShaderMap 3.0.1 - Major features include: Baking Maps from 3D models, a Map Filter System, a vastly improved Project Grid, real displacement preview in the Material Visualizer, and a bunch of new maps. Below is a list of each new feature and bug fixes.

Version 3.0.1
  • High Precision Floating Point Maps - All image calculations are now done using high precision floating point values. This allows for HDR (linear color space) workflow and removes the Force 16 bit option.
  • 16 / 32 Bit Image Load and Save - Added support for EXR and HDR 16/32 bit floating point load and save.
  • 32 Bit Image Loading - Added support for loading 32 bit PSD and TIFF images.
  • 3D Models as Source - Maps can now be generated from a 3D Model. Additional maps have been added to take advantage of this feature. See the New Maps section.
  • Map Filter Stack - Each map node can now have a number of filters applied in a sortable stack. Filters can be applied pre and post map generation if the map has inputs. See the New Filters section.
  • Tessellated Displacement Material - Replaced Parallax Mapping with a new Displacement Material. The material displaces vertices along their normals. Tessellation can now be applied to any model in the Material Visualizer.
  • New Maps
    • Albedo Map from Diffuse - Create an albedo map to be used in PBR. Control shadow and highlights as well as average luminosity.
    • Ambient Occlusion from Displacement - A greatly improved method of generating Ambient Occlusion from displacement maps.
    • World Space Normals from 3D Model - Generate world space normals from source model or using cage projection method.
    • Tangent Space Normals from 3D Model - Generate tangent space normals using cage projection method.
    • Displacement from 3D Model - Generate displacement map using cage projection method.
    • Ambient Occlusion from 3D Model - Generate ambient occlusion maps from source model or using cage projection method.
    • Curvature from 3D Model - Create Convex / Concave from the source model or using a cage projection method.
  • New Map Filters
    • Blur - Gaussian blur the map pixels.
    • Threshold - Create white pixels where pixel luminance is above threshold.
    • Flip - Invert the map vertically / horizontally.
    • Exposure - Control pixel exposure.
    • Normalize - Normalize pixel brightness between a given range.
    • Brightness/Contrast - Control map brightness and contrast.
    • Color Overlay - Overlay a color with a set opacity and blend mode.
    • Color Balance - Adjust Red, Green, and Blue in the map.
    • Black & White - Convert the map to grayscale using a selected weighting.
    • Invert - Invert the map pixels around a given center line.
    • Shadow/Highlight - Control the intensity of shadows and highlights.
    • Normal Blur - Blur a normal map. Ensures normalization of vectors.
  • Map Masks - Added optional image masks to all map plugins. Each map and filter plugin has the option to enable / disable and invert mask during processing.
  • New Layout and Style - This includes solid backgrounds, resized controls, changes in placement of some controls.
  • New Project Grid Control - This replaces the old Map Grid interface and is now compatible with 3D models. Additional buttons have been added to the Project Grid to allow adding and deleting of maps and models directly using the grid interface.
  • Manually Set Project Grid Resolution - New controls to increase or decrease the number of node cells in the Project Grid.
  • Drag / Replace Source Node - The user can now drag a source file (image or 3D Model) to an existing node in the project grid. The user is then given the option to replace the current node or add the file to the project.
  • Persistant Normal Editor Layers - Layers created by the Normal Editor are not destroyed on Map Unlock state. This allows the user to make adjustments to the underlying map while retaining layer pixels.
  • Delete Normal Editor Layers - Deletion of all Normal Editor Layers can be done in a node's Context Menu.
  • Map Setup Page Removed - No longer need the Map Setup page as this is now done using the Project Grid control.
  • Info Popup Dialogs - Each node has a new control to display an info popup that describes the node information.
  • Drag and Clone - Clone a selected map by pressing SHIFT and dropping on empty grid cell.
  • Delete Node Warning - A Messagebox warning appears when deleting a node (turn off in settings).
  • Display Node Name or Source Path - Node name or Source file name are displayed in the node properties as well as in tooltips.
  • Updated Map Context Menus - Added additional options to open Map Filter Stack, Clone Map, Delete Map, (also on context over map in Map Preview)
  • Aligned Context MenusContext menus are now left or right aligned - option is in settings.
  • Material Number System - A numbering system in the material setup now displays the corresponding map in the Project Grid.
  • Channel Select on Mono Input Maps - Most maps that require a single channel map for input (such as displacement) now offer a channel selection control.
  • Force Coordinates and Tile Mode - Forcing the Coordinate System and Tile Mode in the options now act as default initial values rather than forced throughout the workflow.
  • New Normal Blend Modes - Added 4 additional blend modes to the Normal Blend Map. These modes are similar to the blend modes used in the Normal Editor.
  • Add and Delete Materials - To match the new Project Grid interface the Material Grid now offers controls to add and delete materials directly in the control.
  • Start Screen Changes - Added 3D Model option to default project setup. Also added previous files drop list.
  • Simplified Batch Map Naming - Now use a numbering system if filename conflicts occur. This replaces the long file names used previously.
  • Batch Map Save Locations - Batched maps now save to the directory in which the batch source images are located rather than the project source location.
  • Last Save / Load in Project - Added the last save and load directories to the project file so they can be loaded with a project.
  • Command Line XML Setup - A project can now be setup (maps, save paths, etc) by passing an XML file to the binary. This should help with users who would like to better integrate ShaderMap into their workflow tools.
  • Bugs Fixed
    • User mouse control was failing to update if pointer was off the window.
    • Map Preview Zoom was being reset when a map render was interrupted.
    • Per vertex tangents had errors causing slight artifacts in mesh rendering with normal maps.
    • Specular Map brightness was not working for all 16 bit maps
    • Displacement from Diffuse Map blending detail was fixed so lower values result in a darker image.
    • Tool Tips when a dialog box is on top of controls the bottom tool tip still popped up.
    • Normal intesity had too big of a jump between values 12-13 for certain sized images.
    • Sometimes failed to recover the graphics device after another app goes fullscreen.
    • OBJ import plugin now creates subsets from a material file if defined or by face group. Before was only creating by face group.

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